You have access to two usenet servers:

and is operated by Ripco and contains only text groups. The server is provided by Giganews and carries all binary groups besides the text groups. (otherwise known as a "full feed")

The news2 server will only be available through 12/15/09 and has a 5GB limit per user, per month limit.

Either server can be used from the Ripco dialup or from any broadband (dsl/cable) provider directly.

Both servers require authentication which must be provided as "" (no quotes) and your password.

Both servers only work on port 119 and once authenticated you will be granted both read and post permissions.

You must have a shell account or higher to use either service, popmail only accounts will not authenticate properly.

To access either news server you will need a newsreader for your computer. Generally they all follow the same configuration, after selecting "create a new account", you simply enter the server name to use ( or, check any boxes or selections for "this server requires a login to use" then enter your username appended with and the password. Use the default port setting of 119.