1) Click on Start then click on "My Computer"

2) Under "Other Places" click on "My Network Places"

3) Under "Network Tasks" click on "View network connections"

4) Click on "Create a new connection" this launches the New Connection Wizard

5) Click Next, Click Connect to the Internet, Click Next.

6) Click "Set up my connection manually" then click Next.

7) Click on "Connect using a dialup modem", click Next.

8) Enter ripconew for the ISP name. Click Next.

9) Enter the phone number you were given from the callfinder then click Next.

10) Enter your login name as "username@ripco.com" (no quotes) and your password twice as directed on screen, generally the two boxes under the information fields are both checked. Click Next.

11) Click the "add shortcut to desktop" then click Finish.