First, what Ripco isn't

Ripco isn't about H/C/P/A/V, and it never really was. Since before I was a user back in the free-wheeling '80s, Ripco BBS has always had a certain mystique, and often a reputation that it never really deserved.

The one and only "Dr. Ripco" (Bruce Esquibel, still runs the Ripco BBS at (773) 528-5020, complete with the majority of the original g-files that made the system famous.

What Ripco is

Ripco is an Internet service provider with a full T1 connection, a dedicated staff, and a goal of providing a system that gives you more than just another way to send and receive information- a system with a sense of community. This is the difference between a "BBS" and a "server".

Ripco is committed to the spirit of the Internet, we were on the 'net before all the hype began, and we'll be here long after it is forgotten.

To help integrate new users into community, we:

Ripco is about freedom, not licentiousness. If you can't figure out the difference, we're probably not for you. If you want a service that respects both your intelligence and your privacy, give us a try.

10-Dec-1983 Ripco BBS Founded

The original Ripco BBS first went online one December 10, 1983 running on an single 6502 processer Apple personal computer.

2-Jun-1993 Ripco Goes Corporate

In 1993, Ripco Communications Inc, a registered corporation in the state of Illinois, was founded. We currently offer FREE accounts with a 2-hour daily limit and full Usenet/Mail access, as well as inexpensive personal access with SLIP, PPP, and shell.

Kevin Kadow Programmer & System Administrator